D211 Post: Book-appétit-Conant Students Participate in Book Sampling Event


James B. Conant High School librarian Judith Lopez welcomes students to one of the library’s “Book Tasting,” events.

            English students at James B. Conant High School received assistance selecting new reading material when they participated in what was called a “Book Tasting.” 

            Conant High School Librarian Judith Lopez said the event is designed to expand the students’ reading interests.

            “This experience gives the students more of the ownership of selecting books.  They get to find books on their own,” she said.  “Teachers like this because it is so much different from a book talk where I will tell them what the book is about.”

            Freshman Michelle Aguirre felt the event was a unique way to open up to new genres. 

            “The book tasting is a great way to see what other genres are out there,” she said.  “I normally read mysteries, but it’s nice to see what other books I may want to read.”

          Lopez added that the book tasting events are being utilized by multiple grade levels and that library staff is open to doing them whenever a teacher would like.

          “We’re hoping to get more classes in,” she said.  “We do these all year long.  Whenever a teacher wants independent reading, then can come down.”