D211 Post: Deadline to Apply for Harper Promise is December 15


Freshmen who wish to enroll in the Harper Promise program have until Dec. 15 to apply.  The program offers students up to two years of free tuition at Harper College.

Harper Promise is designed with increasing requirements in four areas – attendance, quality, persistence, and community service – which students must meet to maintain eligibility.  Students enrolled in the program will be able to track their status through the new student readiness program which will be used throughout District 211 beginning fall 2018. 

            Mark Kovack, District 211 Associate Superintendent for Student Services said enrollment in the program would be beneficial as Harper College is the most frequent post-high school destination for students in the district. 

            The eligibility requirements include a required cumulative grade point average of 2.0 by the end of the students second semester.  Each semester the GPA requirement increases whit a 2.25 required sophomore and junior years and a 2.3 during the student’s senior year.  Students must not receive a “D” grade or lower in any class their final two years to maintain eligibility.

            In conjunction with the GPA requirements, students are limited on their number of absences, and must receive a set number of credits each semester.  Students also have an increasing number of community service hours required prior to the end of each year. 

            Kovack said these requirements can benefit students even if they choose not to attend Harper.

            “All of the eligibility criteria are traits and characteristics that will serve students wherever they choose to go,” he said.

            Parents and student can apply online by logging into infinite campus here, or they can download the application form here.

            For more details on the Harper Promise Program, visit the Township High School District 211’s website or click here.