D211 Post: District 211 Board of Education Approves Tentative Budget


            The Township High School District 211 Board of Education approved the 2019-2020 tentative budget during its August general meeting.   The budget has an increase in revenue of 1% and an increase in expenditures of 0.6% over the prior year.   The slight budget surplus is planned for use in a future budget year to complete mandated health and life safety projects and other facility improvement projects.

The largest source of the revenue is local property taxes which were established within the parameter of the approved 2018 levy passed by the Board this past December and subsequently amended in February through abatement.   The abatement to the levy reduced local property taxes by nearly $2 million and was made possible due to a grant of almost $1.3 million received from the Illinois State Board of Education’s Property Tax Relief Grant. The remaining $0.7 million of the abatement came from District funds.  For more on the abatement click here.

            Other key points of the budget include keeping the District debt-free, purchase of an additional 15 alternative-fuel buses, continuation of the iPad program for students, completion of facility improvement projects and implementation of budget efficiencies which since fiscal year 2016 have totaled $5.1 million.