D211 Post: Fremd High School Hosts Grand Opening for New Library



 Students at William Fremd High School eagerly gathered outside the doors of their new library as Principal Kurt Tenopir discussed the months of hard work in remodeling and updating the room.

Kurt Tenopir, principal at William Fremd High School, addresses the crowd during the grand-opening of the school’s new library.

            Steve Balsley, the building and grounds manager for Fremd High School said the new design was a blend of contemporary high-energy efficient lighting and technology in a framework of classic design.

            The new design provides classrooms and professional development rooms which will allow students to access all the resources available within the media center.

William Fremd High School’s redesigned library.

            Following Tenopir’s speech and acknowledgement all staff members who were instrumental in the design and construction of the new facility, Toni DiModica, the media chair for Fremd High School, cut the ceremonial ribbon.  The unique ribbon was created using pages from damaged copies of Gone with the Wind, and Of Mice and Men.

Students and faculty members enter the newly designed Fremd High School Library follwing a ribbon cutting ceremony.

            Once the ribbon was cut members of the Fremd High School marching band played the school’s fight song as students and staff pushed through the doors to see the new sights.  One of the first items to jump out at most students was a new fireplace complete with holographic fire.  Many students also commented on the comfortable layout of the new room, while some were just happy to have their library back.

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