D211 Post: Fremd Social Worker’s Kind Act a Point of Inaugural Speech

William Fremd High School Social Worker Kim Filian’s act of kindness was discussed by new Governor J.B. Pritzker.

            William Fremd High School Social Worker Kim Filian was in her office when a fellow staff member sent her an unusual text message.  According to the text, new Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker discussed an act of kindness Filian had performed in December.

            “I got a text message saying, ‘hey the new governor mentioned you in his inaugural speech three times,” Filian said.  “I thought he was kidding.”

            Soon others were reaching out to her with the same story.  Eventually someone sent Filian a video clip from the speech where Pritzker discussed Filian’s kind act in support of a neighbor couple.

            In mid-December, Filian’s neighbors Casey Handal and Zadette Rosado had a large rainbow flag stolen from their back yard.  Filian was upset by the theft and chose to purchase a replacement flag for the couple as well as flags for herself and any neighbor who wanted one as well.

            Filian said many of her neighbors responded positively, which made her feel great.

            “I was mad that this happened, and doing this was one small thing I could do to try to make things better,” Filian said.  “I did not expect the overwhelming response from the neighbors.  It renewed my faith in people.”

            In discussing Filian’s act of kindness, Pritzker said, “I see the natural beauty of Illinois every day – in our people.  More than anything else I see it in our capacity to be kind.”

            Filian said she was amazed that the new governor would chose her kindness to highlight.

            “I hope that him choosing this story to include in his inaugural speech will keep the message of kindness going,” she said.