D211 Post: Fremd Students Raise Funds for Disaster Relief


Students from William Fremd High School collect donations for a relief fund for the Mexican Earthquake and Hurricane Maria Oct. 6.

Students from William Fremd High School’s World Language Department raised more than $4,100 during a fundraiser Oct. 6.  The money will be used to support those affected by the Mexican Earthquake and Hurricane Maria.

            The students conducted a “miracle minute,” fundraiser in which students had one minute to make any donations while a song was played over the school’s intercom system.  That night the students also stood outside of Fremd’s home football game taking any additional donations.

            Hali Yoshimura, chairperson for Fremd’s World Languages Department, said she was looking for a way to send donations, but looking for a reputable source to send it internationally proved challenging.  She found that the National Museum of Mexican Art, located in Chicago, had established the “Chicago for Mexico and Puerto Rico Relief Fund,” in partnership with the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance.

            “I reached out to them and was happy to find a real person to speak with,” she said.  “I was glad to know they were working closely with organizations such as the Red Cross.”

            Yoshimura said she was amazed by the amount raised.

            “Our Fremd students, staff, and community members never cease to amaze me,” she said.  “They were very generous with their giving.  It was exciting to see everyone band together for such a great cause.”

            Scott Newmark, a Spanish for Native Speakers teacher said he was also amazed by the actions of his students. 

            “My students were excited to get involved in this fundraiser,” he said.  “Some had family or acquaintances affected but either the earthquake or the hurricane, so it was very rewarding to see the class work together to support such a noble cause.”

            A representative from the National Mexican Art Museum has stated that with Fremd’s donation, the Chicago for Mexico and Puerto Rico Relief Fund has raised more than $100,000.