D211 Post: New Handbooks Simplify Transition for Incoming Freshmen



            Earlier this year, Township High School District 211 unveiled the new “Incoming Freshman Handbook.”  The handbooks were designed to aid and simplify the process for students preparing to enter high school.

            “In the past, we’ve had a series of separate mailings,” said Mark Kovack, Associate Superintendent for Student Services.  “These were disjointed and perhaps not as engaging.”

            Kovack said the decision to change to a guidebook was based on both feedback from families as well as internal evaluations.

            The new books were sent to families of 8th grade students currently enrolled in districts 15 and 54.  Kovack said that principals at area private middle schools also received copies.

            One of the features of the new guidebook is to provide incoming students with a list of important dates and events.  One such event is the incoming freshmen placement exam which takes place October 14.  Kovack said information about the exam as well as available bus schedules was included in the book.

            Parents and students who want to download a copy of the new handbooks can do so through the District 211 website under the incoming freshmen tab.  Each school has a unique book.

            Kovack said he looks forward to hearing from parents about their thoughts on the new handbooks.

            “We’re anxious to get feedback from parents.  That’s the primary audience,” he said.  “Some of them may have suggestions for improvement.  We would welcome that.”