D211 Post: Palatine Athletic Director Honored by Illinois Athletic Directors Association


           Long-time Palatine High School Athletic Director Jerry Dobbs has been named as one of the Illinois Athletic Director Association’s Athletic Director of the Year for 2018. 

            Dobbs, who has worked as the school’s athletic director for twenty-years, was honored during the association’s annual conference May 6.  Over the course of his career, he has served in a variety of positions both in the school and with the association.

            “It’s very humbling to know that your colleagues feel you are excelling in the same job they are doing each and every day,” Dobbs said.  “I’m very proud of the reputation and work ethic of our athletic staff at Palatine High School.”

            One of those colleagues, Barington High School Athletic Director Michael Obsuszt has known Dobbs for more than 15 years and said he has seen Dobbs’ leadership firsthand.

            “His leadership to our athletic conference has ranged from conference president to serving as a member of several committees,” said Michael Obsuszt, Barrington High School Athletic Director. 

            Dobbs said one aspect he has enjoyed during his time at Palatine has been helping coaches and athletes be successful in their respective sports.  Looking ahead, he added that he wants to help the programs continue improve.

            “Going forward, I want to continue doing what I can to help PHS be one of the best athletic programs in the state of Illinois,” he said.