D211 Post: Palatine Hosts Seventh Science Olympiad

            Palatine High School held its seventh Science Olympiad November 30.  The event, which was the largest in Illinois, drew approximately 1100 students from 33 schools, including three from Indiana and one from Kentucky.

            Carl Garrison, Palatine High School Science Department chair, was pleased by the large turnout and eagerness of the competitors. 

            “It is wonderful to see so many students wake up early on a Saturday to do Science,” he said.  “So long as students want to do science early on a Saturday, the rest of the PHS coaches (Patrick Rauen, Robert Heitz, and Alex Larson), will continue to provide it.”

            The competing students formed teams of up to 15, of which no more than seven could be seniors.  The teams competed in a variety of different events ranging from astronomy to chemistry and physics.

            Conant High School sophomore Kaylee Kim said she joined her school’s Science Olympiad team because it allowed her to combine her passions for science and music together.

            “I joined because I was really interested in music, and I thought it would be cool to learn more about science through my love of music,” she said.  “When I heard there was a music division where I could use science to build my own instrument, I was very excited.”

            Garrison said the Palatine competition as well as a competition hosted by Conant are great gauges for upcoming state competitions.

            “As a coach, I use these tournaments to help determine who should be in the regional team,” he said.  “We use the results to help us build the strongest team that can get through the Regional and State tournaments.”