D211 Post: PHS Band Steps in to Decade Old Tradition



Members of the Palatine High School Marching Band march through the neighborhoods around the school during the annual band barbeque and parade.

The neighborhoods around Palatine High School rang with the sounds of music as the PHS Marching Band concluded band camp with their annual parade and barbeque. 

            Assistant Band Director Marissa Rentner said that the parade serves two distinct purposes.

            “One of the reasons we do it is so the students can some practice on parade basics,” she said.  “We also do it as a way to create a community event.  Any way we can get involved in the community is something we love to do.”

Members of the Palatine High School Marching Band parade through the residential neighborhoods around the school during their annual band barbeque and parade August 2.

            The parade route moves throughout several residential streets in the vicinity of the high school and ultimately ends at the home of one of the band booster members.  At the end point, the students break for a small barbeque.  Following the meal, the students take a different route back to the school before being released.  The parade marks the end of the school’s band camp which prepares the students for the upcoming marching band season.

            First year drum major and high school senior Zoe Vukelich said she enjoys seeing the families coming out to watch the band’s parade.

            “This made me really happy to see all of our families,” she said.  “It makes me happy to realize to see that these are the people I am going to be in band with my senior year.  I love band”

            This year’s parade route saw the students march just over 2 miles with dozens of families and neighbors lining the streets.

Two Palatine High School Marching Band Alumni watch the end of band camp parade from the roof of a house in Palatine August 2.