D211 Post: PTV: Student Run Network Provides School’s News


Senior Niki Wagner applies make-up to Danny Hollander prior to filming an episode of PTV at Palatine High School.

            In a brightly lit green room adjoining the Palatine High School media center, Danny Hollander and Kyla Mathews are dusted with a light amount of make-up by Niki Wagner while Bridget Maire adjusts a camera and teleprompter.  The four seniors are part of the crew for PTV, the school’s student run television station.

            PTV began in 2013 after Palatine High School added a 12-minute homeroom to the school day.  According to teacher Erin Luzadder, the intention was to increase communication and connections throughout the school.

            “This included a twice-a-week presentation of PTV for general announcements,” Luxadder said.

Junior Miguel Barrios reviews footage with senior Campbell Boston following a filming of PTV.

            The first episodes were recorded using Touchcast and consisted entirely of student volunteers.  By the second year, PTV was established as a course with dedicated teachers and resources.  The program evolved to include features and a monthly address by principal Gary Steiger. 

            Jessica Aulisio took over as the teacher for PTV, which is currently an elective art course, last year.    She said her intent is to develop a full broadcast course which would help students with an interest in the career field. 

            Aulisio said she enjoys seeing how much ownership of the show the students take.

            “I am just the person who oversees the daily operations and give them the tools they need,” she said.  “It’s been a really great experience for me to see the students so engaged and working so hard to improve.”

            Most of the students currently enrolled in course A200, the course which covers PTV, are seniors, but Aulisio said that hasn’t stopped them from working to improve the production into the future. 

            “The students give suggestions on how to improve the program even if they won’t see it grown with them,” she said. 

            For Maire, who is in her second year with PTV, it was the uniqueness of the course that drew her attention.

Students in course A200, which produces PTV, work to adjust a teleprompter prior to filming an episdode.

            “I love the experience,” she said.  “It’s really something that not many schools can provide.  I love learning things that you can’t in any other class.”

            Campbell Boston, a senior who typically anchors the school’s sports report, agrees with Maire.

            “I enjoy how you can get a real-world experience that you can’t get in a math or science class,” he said. 

            Aulisio said she and fellow staff members will present a proposal which will add broadcast courses to the remaining district schools.  Students at Palatine who wish to be involved in PTV should register for A200 or talk to their academic counselors.

            Previous episodes of PTV can be found on their Youtube channel PHS PTV.   To see the difference in the studio and the episode, watch this brief video below.