D211 Post: Schaumburg High School Raises Nearly $80 Thousand for St. Baldrick’s


Schaumburg High School counselor Brent Swolsky and his son have their heads shaved as part of the school’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser assembly.

            As students from Schaumburg High School filled the gymnasium, a low drone of bagpipes drew attention to a line of their peers who were preparing to shave their heads as part of the 2018 St. Baldrick’s fundraiser assembly March 16.

            The assembly capped off a school-wide campaign to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s, a volunteer charity which works to fund research in childhood cancers.  During the nearly 5-week campaign, students and staff at Schaumburg raised a total of $78,762.

Schaumburg High School senior Morgan Miraglia reacts with shock after feeling her freshly shaved head during the school’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser assembly. 

            Schaumburg started running annual St. Baldrick’s fundraisers in 2010 after then junior John Knudson approached the school with the idea after discovering his cancer had returned.  Knudson ultimately graduated from Schaumburg in 2011 and later from the University of Illinois.  He currently works researching various cancer treatments.  During this year’s assembly, Knudson returned to SHS to address the school on the importance of St. Baldrick’s and introduce this year’s distinguished guests.

John Knudson, a Schaumburg High School alumnus and cancer survivor, addresses the assembly during the school’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser assembly.

            During the assembly 32 students and staff who raised more than $1,000 had the opportunity to have their heads shaved during the assembly.  While students had their heads shaved, students saw the fruit of the largest in-school fundraiser.  The math department raised more than $4,500 by selling the opportunity to pie the teachers in the face.    

            Following the assembly, the students and faculty filled Schaumburg’s football field where they spelled out “We Are SHS,” which was filmed during a flyover by WGN News.

            Anyone interested in donating to St. Baldrick’s can still do so by clicking here or going to www.Stbaldricks.org/events/SHS2018