D211 Post: SHS Fishing Club and Friendship Village Hold Fishing Derby


            Students with the Schaumburg High School Fishing Club and residents of Friendship Village paired up for a fishing derby at the village’s on-site pond late last  month.

            Club sponsor Chris Evert said the event was about service and education, on top of the fun.

            “I wanted to give the Fishing Club members the opportunity to serve their community and learn from people who have been fishing a lot longer than I have,” he said.

            During the day’s event, participants had the opportunity to win prizes donated by Schaumburg High School and Fox River Valley Muskie, Inc.  Evert said both residents and club members enjoyed the opportunity to learn from each other.  He said both the Fishing Club and Friendship Village felt that the event was a success.

            “They were thrilled. [The residents] enjoyed being around the kids and the kids enjoyed their company as well,” said Evert.  “The kids loved how funny and social all of the residents were.”

            Evert said with the success of this year’s fishing derby, the club plans to make this an annual event.