District 211 Academy North and South Students Show Off Creativity During Art Show

Student photography displayed during the art show.

Student photography displayed during the art show.

Students in District 211’s academies kicked off their winter break by showing the faculty and staff just how creative they are.

District 211 North and South academies recently hosted “Building Perspectives: Art at the Academies” at the G.A. McElroy Administration Center. Students at the academies were able to exhibit their artwork and explain different forms they used to create their pieces.

“I have been drawing my whole life and this is the first time I am letting someone look at my art besides my art teacher,” said Academy-North junior Diana Mazanova. “I feel proud of what I have done, and the comments from others definitely boost my ego. It makes me happy that I was there and people saw my art.”

A Marylin Monroe glass mosiac peice by Diana.

A Marylin Monroe glass mosaic piece by Diana.

There were 11 students who showed their work, many of whom said their work helped them deal with difficult circumstances outside of the classroom. The goal of the art show was for these students to display their artwork to the District 211 community.  Although the show was not open to the public, faculty and staff district-wide were invited to the event, which provided students an opportunity to show their artwork and practice explaining their pieces to others. Two students also played live music during the show.

Art mediums included painting, glass mosaics, music, illustration, video, photography, and more. The pieces were typically worked on during art class at school. Many students expressed how art has been a form of release for them during tough times and thought art was an important part of their education.

Students performed live music during the show.

Students performed live music during the show.

“Some of my drawings were just for art class and others were part of my own coping strategies,” said Academy-North sophomore Callie Johnson. “I go to drawing when I feel overwhelmed with everything. Everyone has a way to get out their emotions and mine would be through physically drawing them out. The school is willing to do things for me to help me get through the day and it feels like people are acknowledging my own emotions by looking at it.”