District 211 Board of Education Approves Full Implementation of One-to-One Program


One to OneAs technology evolves the way individuals communicate and learn, District 211’s One-to-One Program is continuing to grow and create opportunities for its students.

At its meeting on April 10, 2014, the Board of Education approved the expansion of the One-to-One Program by purchasing an additional 6,380 iPad devices for students. The expansion will allow all District 211 students the ability to develop essential skills needed to be successful in a digital world.  Students in the one-to-one program have access to information and opportunities to develop creativity and communication skills that are not possible in the traditional classroom.

Current teachers and students using the iPad devices have highlighted improved writing skills and depth of students research, increase in student motivation and engagement, organization, ease of use of formative assessments that enables differentiated instruction, and increased student performance as the major benefits to the program.

“Our one-to-one iPad program is truly fueling excitement for learning for both teachers and students,” said Lynn Swanson, director of Educational Technology at Distrcit 211. “Teachers are now able to seamlessly infuse technology into the curriculum and create an interactive learning environment where students are at the center of their own learning.”

Many students noted that they received more detailed feedback and quicker responses from their teachers overall. Using classroom portals, such as Schoology, Google Apps for Education, Notability, Subtext, and other apps, students are able to communicate, collaborate, and continue classroom learning far after the student has left the classroom

”We are excited to be moving forward with the full implementation,” Swanson said. “Our one-to-one program is the catalyst used to transform the teaching and learning environment in order to provide our students with extraordinary opportunities and an exceptional learning program.”

To read the full report about the One-to-One expansion, please visit BoardDocs.