District 211 Students Share What They are Most Excited About This Holiday Break


happy_holiday1To get in the holiday spirit, we asked several District 211 students what they are most excited for during their holiday break. Here is what they had to say. Happy holidays and a have fantastic new year. 


This winter break, I am most excited for…

“I am most excited about Tuba Christmas, which is a huge room full of low brass, playing Christmas music at the Palmer House.” – Dakota Harrison, senior, HEHS

“Getting long needed rest from the past stressful months of school work.” Sresht Iyer, junior, FHS

“Christmas, and spending time with family!” Rajesh Kalvakota, senior, CHS

“Spending time with my family and eating lots and lots of food.” – Joanna Kalantzis, junior, PHS

“This winter break I am most excited about spending the holiday with my family and close friends, and watching old Christmas movies together.” Alexis Morris, sophomore, HEHS

“Writing and posting online.  I’ll have more time this year than in previous years, for myself.” Melissa Chyan, senior, FHS

“Snowboarding with my friends, and my new car!” Justin Perez, senior, CHS

“This winter break I am most excited about having no homework and hanging out with friends and family.” Avrey Johnson, senior, HEHS

“Playing with my puppy in the snow.  Also, lifting weights and gaining a few Christmas pounds.” David Nordman, junior, FHS

“I’m excited about getting more sleep during winter break!” Raj Kharvani, senior, CHS

“Giving back.” – Kubra Malik, junior, PHS

“This winter break, I am most excited about the family bonding time I get to enjoy with my family, plus all the food that will be there!” Chris Washington, junior, HEHS

“Working on my novel.  My goal over break is to get to 20,000 words!” Melissa Peisker, senior, FHS

“My brother coming home from the Marines from California.” – Jocelyn Rodriguez, sophomore, PHS

“This winter break I’m most excited about spending time with family and friends, eating good food and watching my favorite show on Netfix.  Christmas movies!” Sara Ishak, senior, HEHS

“I’m going to be in a 5K run in downtown Chicago over winter break!” Taylor Parker, senior, CHS

“Snowboarding! And getting time to hang out with my Grandma and Grandpa!” Patrick Cudney, sophomore, FHS

“Sleeping in.” – Kaitlyn Strauss and Mercedes Schmidthuber, freshmen, PHS

“Finally finishing a book series I started but didn’t have time to finish.  Due to schoolwork I found myself forgetting about it but from attending Writer’s I found myself re-energized in finally finishing it.” Irina Andrianova, senior, FHS

“Gathering with my family.” – Roger Guadarrama, senior, PHS

“Celebrating Christmas with orphans in my community.  But I’m a little upset because my Dad will not be with us for Christmas and New Years as he is travelling. I also can’t wait to open presents.” Devika Nandowana, freshman, FHS

“Enjoyment of everyone coming together to unite as one.” – Pete Hoadley, junior, PHS