District 211 Students: Watch for Upcoming District 211 Scholarship Opportunities

D211F LOGO-2While students are preparing for life after high school, several are planning to further their education by attending college or a trade school. However, one of the most stressful parts of planning for collegiate life is figuring out how to pay for college tuition.

The District 211 Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to its students during their senior year. Only District 211 seniors can apply for the scholarships, and the awards range in award amount, as well as eligibility requirements.

An independent party, or donor, creates each scholarship. Some are in memoriam of District 211 students, teachers, or alumni who have passed away and others have been based on athletics or community service in conjunction with academic excellence or what high school they attend.

Students are encouraged to apply and are reminded that these scholarship opportunities are only for students within District 211, and even smaller scholarships can help ease the tuition burden in college.

Available scholarships will be posted toward the end of January. Once available, students should check the District 211 Foundation website. There, scholarship requirements can be reviewed and students can download an application. Students can also check with counselors to find out more about these opportunities.