Fremd High School Alumnus Honored for Board of Education Military Recognition

Grant Dunham

Grant Dunham

District 211 recently started a new tradition to honor alumni for the service they have given to their country.

Marine Lance Corporal Grant Dunham, a 2013 graduate of Fremd High School, was honored and thanked for his service by the Board of Education at its Dec. 11 meeting. Dunham is the second alumnus to be recognized for his service, and started the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I knew I wanted to enter the military since I was in second grade,” Dunham said. “What initially sparked my interest was 9/11. I was in first grade when it happened and didn’t really understand it. When I realized what was going on, that is what sparked my interest. I just wanted to do my part.”

Dunham joined the Marine Corps following high school graduation and went to boot camp in San Diego in June 2013. He graduated “Series Honorman,” which means 2nd out of 524 recruits, from boot camp in August 2013. After boot camp, he entered the School of Infantry, Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton in September 2013 to November 2013 to hold a Military Occupation Specialty as a rifleman. He is actively serving in the Marine Corps, and is currently serving with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines Echo Company, 3rd Platoon, 4th Marine Division based in Chicago.


Lance Corporal Grant Dunham at the Dec. 11 Board Meeting.

While Dunham said his grandfather served in the Army and his uncle served in the Air Force, he was drawn to the Marines. He said students that are interested in entering the military after graduation should explore all of their options and know what each branch has to offer.

“The military, in my eyes, is one of the best options out there. You get so many benefits, experience, on the job training, and I believe that a military route initially would sky rocket your success in education, the workforce, and after college,” he said. “The culture, brotherhood, and the rich history of the Marines – you can’t match it to anything else. If you want to do it and want to be the best, the Marine Corps is the best branch out there.”

The Board of Education will continue Military Recognitions for District 211 graduates who are serving or have served before each meeting.