Hoffman Estates High School Graduate Completes Four Performances on David Letterman Show


Zach Lentino

For many high school graduates, an average day is spent going to college classes, hanging out with friends, playing sports, and staying up late doing homework. Then for some high school graduates, they spend four nights in New York staying up late to perform on the David Letterman Show with their band.

Hoffman Estates High School 2011 graduate Zach Lentino performed with his band, Lance Lapinsky and the Lovers, on the David Letterman show from Feb. 4-6. He played upright bass for Elvis tribute groups on the show.

“It was absolutely insane,” Lentino said. “It was a lot more fast paced than we expected. We would be sitting backstage waiting to go on, then a commercial break hits and we’d have to run out there, set up all our instruments, and get ready to play before the show comes back on. It’s a lot different from playing normal concerts.”

Appearing on the show happened very quickly. His father’s band, the Fabulous Ambassadors, had been the backup band for Elvis tribute groups for years. Initially, the Fabulous Ambassadors were asked to do the show first, but were in South America during the first few days of taping.

Lentino’s father suggested his band take their place. He said they submitted photos, credentials, and demos and found out six days before the show that they were playing on Letterman. Next thing they knew, they were on their way to New York for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“My favorite thing about being in New York was walking around and seeing everything while knowing that I was there for such a cool reason,” Lentino said.

For as long as he can remember, he said he has played music. He grew up in a family of musicians and was very involved during his time at Hoffman Estates High School. He participated in plays and musicals, jazz band, orchestra, choir, and was an AP student, Thespian vice president, and a Madrigal jester. He currently is a sophomore at Elmhurst College studying musical business and theater.

After his four nights on the show, his father’s band, including his brother and Hoffman Estates High School graduate Tommy Lentino, performed. Now that the Letterman Show is over, Lentino said he doesn’t quite know what to expect. He said he hopes things will be a bit different after his band has achieved such a huge accomplishment.

“After the show, it feels a little different knowing we have done Letterman,” Lentino said. “It’s a household name that seems like such an unattainable thing. We have already been getting calls because of it, and now we can say, ‘We’ve appeared on Letterman’.”

Watch Lentino perform the upright bass on the David Letterman Show below.