Schaumburg High School Proves Bald is Beautiful at St. Baldrick’s Event

Superintendent Nancy Robb, participated by donning a green hair extension, shows students support while they shave their heads for St. Baldrick's.

Superintendent Nancy Robb participated by donning a green hair extension and showed students support while they shave their heads for St. Baldrick’s.

Schaumburg High School was buzzing with school spirit as many of its own shaved their heads during a pep assembly to raise awareness and funds for children’s cancer research.

The school hosted its third St. Baldrick’s shaving event on March 14 and has raised $102,390.84 to benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Community members can still donate to SHS’ event to keep them in the running to win the largest high school total raised by March 31.

The St. Baldrick’s event started at SHS in 2010 after SHS graduate John Knudson, a student who battled cancer since the age of 13 and is currently in remission, became involved in the organization and helped start the first event at the school.

“Four years ago we started St. Baldrick’s in our school because one of our own had just learned his cancer returned,” said Ginger Haas, Social Worker and St. Baldrick’s Event Coordinator at Schaumburg High School. “A joy that comes from these events is seeing our SHS community come together for one common purpose –  to help others.  We get life lessons from all different sources and it is an honor to be able to help our student body learn one through an event like this. We want to thank our community for supporting our students and staff with their fundraising efforts. ”

St. Baldrick's student and staff participants after they shaved their heads or cut their hair.

St. Baldrick’s student and staff participants after they shaved their heads or cut their hair.

Students needed to raise $25 in order to participate and have their head shaved during their lunch hour. Those that raised $1,000 or more had their head shaved in front of the entire student body during an all school assembly.  There were other ways to participate, as well. Students with long ponytails had their hair cut off and donated to Kids with Hair Loss to be made into wigs. Additionally, there was a fundraiser where students and staff could buy green extensions to be added to their hair for support.

A big difference this year was recognizing four kids within Schaumburg as “honored kids” that came to the assembly, including John Knudson. One boy was diagnosed at 16 months old and has a brother at SHS who is a freshman.  Another boy was born with Down Syndrome and diagnosed with leukemia at age 3, and Harlow is a 5 year old who is still undergoing treatments.

“Nate, Donnie, Johnny, our former student, and the picture of Harlow touched the hearts of everyone at our assembly,” Haas said. “We want Schaumburg families who are dealing with pediatric cancer to know our big high school supports them.”

Anyone interested in donating to SHS’ St. Baldrick’s fund can contribute here.