Summer Construction Updates for D211

Construction Update

The swimming pool at SHS is being refinished.

During the summer months, facility improvements are made across the District, as well as several administrative changes. Summer provides a perfect time for facility improvements because classrooms are generally empty and summer school locations are determined partly around building improvement plans.

There are regular projects that are conducted each summer throughout the District, such as asphalt and concrete work. In addition to regular maintenance, each District 211 school will have wood floors refinished and carpet replaced. Grant funds were secured to replace lighting in all auxiliary gyms with more energy efficient, LED light fixtures. Also, plans are underway for the replacement of the District-wide telephone system.

A new improvement for each of the schools is installing new wireless access points, which will allow for more wireless devices to connect to the network at faster speeds.

“We’re expanding our wireless access points to allow for each person in the high schools to have three or four wireless devices on them at a time,” said Keith Sorensen, Director of Educational Technology. “Our system could handle 1,500 devices per building before, and now we will be operating at over 12,000 devices per building.”

The District keeps a maintenance schedule, which means the wear and tear at each facility is closely monitored. First and foremost, the District wants all of its facilities safe for students and staff. To maintain the most cost-effective approach, regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent a major repair or improvement. Facility evaluations are conduced regularly, and the appropriate maintenance plan developed. This approach also allows the District to keep repairs and improvements within the budget cycle.

For instance, Schaumburg High School is scheduled to have its swimming pool refinished this summer. After this improvement and by following optimal maintenance schedules, the District won’t have to repeat this work for another 15 years.

Floors and carpeting are common items to replace each year.

Each school prioritizes its requests for facility improvements. Those requests are then evaluated by the District, according to Steve East, director of purchasing and facilities. However, East said projects are prioritized, with special attention paid to life safety work, which is required by state regulations.

Some improvements are unique to each school. Palatine High School is scheduled to get a CNA (nursing) program classroom, in addition to a grounds building that was completed by Building Construction program students this spring. At Fremd High School, the new stadium concessions stand built by Building Construction program students is nearing completion. Building construction students are also working on a concession stand and grounds building for J.B. Conant High School. In addition to its swimming pool project, Schaumburg High School will have additional life safety work done, which includes roofs, masonry, HVAC and door replacements. Hoffman Estates High School is scheduled to have monitors installed in hallways and the cafeteria, as well as the installation of new auto shop equipment.

Construction Update

A section of flooring that was replaced in a classroom at SHS.

Maintaining District 211’s facilities is a way to keep them in the best possible condition, while also making sure they meet state regulations and provide the best educational environment for students.

For a more detailed report, please visit D211’s board docs website.