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Video: Highlights of District 211’s One-to-One Program

In the video below, District 211 students and staff highlight the benefits of having the One-to-One program in the classroom. Students in the One-to-One Program have access to information and opportunities to develop creativity and communication skills that are not possible in the traditional classroom. Recently the Board of Education approved the expansion of the One-to-One Program by purchasing an additional 6,380 iPad devices for students. The expansion will allow all District 211 students the ability to develop essential skills needed to be successful in a digital world.

What’s Happening in One-to-One at District 211

The scene looked similar in classrooms all over High School Township District 211 as students in the One-to-One Program began to delve into their studies and familiarize themselves with their iPad devices for class. In classrooms such as Shawn McCusker’s, a social studies teacher at Fremd High School, familiarizing students with the iPad device and preparing them to navigate through their coursework was a priority during the first week of school. “The challenge is to get students past the use of the iPad as a simple replacement for paper and pen,” McCusker said. “The best results happen once students have gotten comfortable with the ...

District 211’s One-to-One Program Video Updates

The One-to-One Program began in August 2012 when Township High School District 211 issued iPads to 1,600 students across five high schools. At the February 2013 school board meeting, the board approved the purchase of 7,000 iPad 4s for use with the student population in a true one-to-one environment. These videos are a collection of clips from teachers and students related to their experience in the One-to-One Program. Videos are by Keith Sorensen, director of Educational Technology at District 211. For more information about the One-to-One Program expansion, please read the article here.  

District 211 Board of Education Approves One-to-One Program Expansion

After a successful implementation of the One-to-One pilot program during the first half of the 2012-2013 academic year, District 211 will expand the opportunity for an individual iPad device to more students in the coming year. At its meeting on February 14, 2013, the Board of Education approved the expansion to provide up to 7,000 students with an iPad device for the upcoming school year. The use of iPads enhances student interaction and collaboration both inside and outside of the classroom.  Current teachers and students using the iPad devices have highlighted the ability for teachers to provide students with immediate feedback as a major ...

Five Unexpected Results of Going 1:1

Written by Shawn McCusker, Social Studies teacher at Fremd High School   Identity Crisis- You will become a student too. The moment you have devices in your classroom, you are no longer THE resource for answers in the classroom. Students will be finding sources with much greater insight on your subject area than you can offer.  I (as a history teacher) was presented with ideas and facts that were completely new to me on a daily basis. Class was more about interpreting new ideas and evaluating their credibility. I was thinking more. They were thinking more. My place in the classroom changed. Even though I liked it overall, it was very ...

VIDEO: One-to-One Pilot Program Update

As the world advances at an incredible pace, District 211 is determined to prepare students for their future and to stay ahead of the curve through an education that utilizes cutting-edge technology. The One-to-One Electronic Device pilot program will allow 1,500 District 211 students to have their own personal electronic device to enhance classroom interaction and collaboration throughout the semester. Students received their devices during the first two days of school and started using them immediately in the classroom and also for homework. The overall goal of the program is to help students learn about better methods of accessing informat...