D211 Post: A Score of Perfect Scores

Fifteen students from William Fremd High School are among the students throughout District 211 to score perfect scores on either the ACT or SAT.

          Township High School District 211 began tracking students who received the highest possible composite score on the American College Test (ACT) in April 1998.  Since then, nearly 120 District 211 students have completed the same amazing feat.  During the same time, 12 students have achieved a perfect score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  Here are some facts by the numbers of these amazing feats:

A Case of Multiples 

            Eight students have received a score of 36 on their ACT exam twice.  Half of the students who scored a 1600 (maximum possible score) on the SAT have also scored a 36 on the ACT.  Only one student, Fremd High School’s Parag Gupta, earned a perfect SAT score and two perfect ACT scores, accomplishing these scores in 2003.

They Come from Everywhere

            Every school from across District 211 has had students who reached the vaunted 36.  At least one student from each school has also achieved the perfect 1600 SAT score.  The most represented school in both of these is Fremd High School.  Fifteen current FHS students are among the list of perfect scores on either the ACT or SAT, including Duncan Harro, whose brother, Cameron, also scored a 36 on the ACT in 2014.

            At the national level, less than one-tenth of one percent of all students who take the ACT exam score a 36.  To see the full list of District students to score a 36 on the ACT click here, for those who have scored a 1600 on the SAT click here.

D211 Post: Students Recognized for Highest Possible ACT Scores

Edwin Suresh, a senior at Schaumburg High School; Mayur Popuri, a junior at Fremd High School; Vikas Reddy, a junior at Fremd High School; Sara Shahid, a senior at Schaumburg High School; and Rose Dinh, a senior at Fremd High School, all pose together after being recognized by the Township High School District 211 Board of Education for scoring a 36 on the ACT during the Dec. 14 meeting.

           The Township High School District 211 Board of Education recognized five students for scoring a 36, the highest composite score, on the American College Test (ACT).  The students included two from Schaumburg High School and three from Fremd High School.

            The first student recognized Rose Dinh, a senior at Fremd High School. Math teacher Chris Grattoni stated that Dinh’s high school career has been defined by hard work and success.  Dinh has a passion for engineering and plans to work to bring electricity to those living in isolated areas.

            The board then honored Fremd junior Mayur Popuir.  He was described as a student who focuses more on perfect process than perfect outcomes. 

             Martin Zacharia, a social studies teacher and debate team coach said, “Muyar’s perfect ACT score is simply a manifestation of the character that has made him invaluable in the classroom and on our team.”

             The third Fremd student to be recognized was junior Vikas Reddy.  Jeremy Herriges described Reddy as a renaissance man.

              “I’ve had the opportunity to teach Vikas for two years, and in that time, have seen in intellectual abilities reach a masterful level,” Herriges said.

              Sara Shahid, a Schaumburg High School senior was then recognized.  Described as motivated and bright by social studies teacher Mary Lopez, Shahid has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in engineering.

              “I believe she has the drive and ability to achieve her goals,” said Lopez.

               The final student recognized was Schaumburg senior Edwin Suresh, who was described as a diversified and humble.

              “He is the most gifted all-around student I have had the pleasure of working with in 23 years,” said science teacher Tom Letzel.

              Since 1998, District 211 students have scored a 36 on the exam a total of 109 times.

Conant High School Student Earns Perfect Score on ACT Exam

Mohansrinivas Chennakesavalu

Mohansrinivas Chennakesavalu

A Conant High School student is joining a growing list of District 211 students who have achieved a 36 on the American College Test (ACT) exam, the highest possible composite score.

James B. Conant High School student Mohansrinivas Chennakesavalu achieved a 36 on the ACT examination, and the Board of Education recognized him for this outstanding achievement at its Feb. 13 board meeting.

“I stayed up until midnight during winter break to check my score, and once I found out I was jumping around the entire house,” Mohansrinivas said. “I was aiming for a 36 but didn’t know if I would get it.”

The ACT, which is taken by nearly 60 percent of America’s college-bound students as well as all junior students in Illinois as part of the Prairie State Achievement Examination, is comprised of tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. Each test is scored on a scale of 1-36, and a student’s score is the average of the four test scores. On average, less than one-tenth of one percent of all ACT test takers earns a top score.

Out of more than 1.8 million students who took the ACT in the class of 2013, just 1,162 students got a score of 36.

Since 1998, 61 High School District 211 students have earned a top score of 36 on the ACT, including five students who have done it twice. He says students that are preparing for the ACT need to prepare and relax.

“The best way to prepare is by taking practice tests because it gives you a feel of what the actual test is like,” he said. “Just be confident. I worried during break until I got my score, but if I was just confident it would have saved a lot of stress and energy.”