D211 Post: Palatine Athletic Director Honored by Illinois Athletic Directors Association

           Long-time Palatine High School Athletic Director Jerry Dobbs has been named as one of the Illinois Athletic Director Association’s Athletic Director of the Year for 2018. 

            Dobbs, who has worked as the school’s athletic director for twenty-years, was honored during the association’s annual conference May 6.  Over the course of his career, he has served in a variety of positions both in the school and with the association.

            “It’s very humbling to know that your colleagues feel you are excelling in the same job they are doing each and every day,” Dobbs said.  “I’m very proud of the reputation and work ethic of our athletic staff at Palatine High School.”

            One of those colleagues, Barington High School Athletic Director Michael Obsuszt has known Dobbs for more than 15 years and said he has seen Dobbs’ leadership firsthand.

            “His leadership to our athletic conference has ranged from conference president to serving as a member of several committees,” said Michael Obsuszt, Barrington High School Athletic Director. 

            Dobbs said one aspect he has enjoyed during his time at Palatine has been helping coaches and athletes be successful in their respective sports.  Looking ahead, he added that he wants to help the programs continue improve.

            “Going forward, I want to continue doing what I can to help PHS be one of the best athletic programs in the state of Illinois,” he said.

D211 Post: PHS Drama Club to Present Student-Written Play

For the second consecutive year, the Palatine High School Drama Club will present an all student-produced play for children.  This year’s play, “The Wizard of Oz: Dorthy’s Return,” will be performed May 5, in the school’s student cafeteria.  The event will include activities beginning at 10:30 a.m. with the play at 11:30.  Tickets are available at a cost of $3 for children and free for adults.

“Dorthy’s Return,” is a one act play written by PHS seniors Sarah Angel and Dane Roberts which won honorable mention in the dramatics category at the very competitive Harper College writing contest.  This production will be directed by seniors Grace Matthews and Joshua Davis.

During the activity portion of the morning, the drama club will be hosting a bake sale and conducting a raffle of m items donated by area businesses a one-hour character visit from Kids Kustom Parties and a three-month family membership from the Buehler YMCA.

D211 Post: PHS Special Education Preparing for Biennial Cupcakes for a Cause

            The Palatine High School Special Education Department will host their biennial Cupcakes for a Cause March 10, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the high school’s cafeteria.  Admission to the event is free and open to the public.  Cupcakes will be for sale at a cost of $2 each or $20 per dozen.   The event will also include raffles and a cupcake judging contest. 

            Event chairperson Dawn Shepard said the brings in such substantial funds, the department typically only holds it every other year.   The funds raised by the event are used to support organizations such as Special Olympics, Best Buddies, and Pep Club. 

            “We also make a donation to a local organization that assists our students,” Shepard said.  “This year we are donating to NWSRA (Northwest Special Recreation Association).”

            Bakers can donate cupcakes to the event by completing the registration on the event’s website or by contacting the special education department.  Bakers wanting to enter their cupcakes into the cupcake judging contest can do so through the website.  Cupcakes can be entered into one of three categories; most creative, best decorated, or best PHS-themed.


           For more information or to register click here or go to https://palatinecupcakes2018.weebly.com.  

D211 Post: PHS Student-Run Café Provides “A Latte Sweets” and Savory Treats

Students enrolled in Palatine High School’s Practice in Entrepreneurship class, work in the student-run A Latte Sweets cafe.

            The Palatine High School student-run A Latte Sweets Café held its grand-opening in the school’s media center Feb. 23.  This year marks the café’s seventh operating in the school and second in the recently refurbished media center. 

            Emily Pilguy, the Family Consumer Science teacher who supervises the café said running the café in the media center has helped a lot.

Palatine High School Teacher Emily Pilguy, faculty advisor to the student run A Latte Sweets Cafe, observes students filling orders during the cafe’s 2018 grand opening.

            “We used to work outside of the concession stand by the basketball courts,” she said.  “This café has been a huge help.  It makes us look modern and is a good draw for the rest of the students.”

            Pilguy, who is also an alumna of Palatine High School, said the students are enrolled the school’s Practices in Entrepreneurship course.  She said preparation for each week’s menu begins Wednesday with sorting dry ingredients.  On Fridays, students arrive at 6 a.m. to begin baking.

            The café serves as a draw for students looking to socialize prior to the start of the school day. 

            “It’s nice to get caught up with friends,” said junior Gisselle Neri-Martinez.  “We all have different classes and usually don’t get to see each other very much.”

            Neri-Martinez added she enjoys the café’s French toast, while her friend, Olivia Murphy, said the mocha is what brings her back.

A group of Palatine High School students socialize at the student-run A Latte Sweets Cafe in the school’s media center.

            One item added this year was a vegan omelet complete with a vegan cheese sauce.  Senior Carolina Fragoso said having the vegan option drew her in.

            The Latte Sweets Café will operate Fridays from 7:15-8:05 a.m.  Pilguy said the Friday prior to spring break the café plans to debut cold beverages including iced coffees and lemonade.

Carolina Fragoso, a senior at Palatine High School, orders a vegan omelet during the 2018 grand opening of the student run A Latte Sweets Cafe. Fragoso said she was excited by the addition of a vegan option.

D211 Post: Triple Letter Palatine Athlete Selected Wintrust Athlete of the Week

Bridget Witt, a representative of Palatine Bank and Trust, presents a plaque to Eddie Orozco, a senior at Palatine High School, recognizing him as the Wintrust Athlete of the Week.

             Eduardo “Eddie” Orozco, a senior at Palatine High School, was selected by Wintrust Community Bank as their “Athlete of the Week.”  Orozco, who has received varsity letters in football, wrestling, and track, was presented with a plaque Feb. 14.

            “Eddie is the perfect student to represent our program,” said head wrestling coach Jeff Keske.  “Commitment, hardworking, and perseverance are three words which describe him.”

            Orozco injured his shoulder during his final season wrestling at Palatine.  Keske said most athletes would consider their season over.

            “This is late in the season,” said Keske.  “We were thinking, his high school career was done.”

            Keske said Orozco worked out while recovering and made a surprising return to finish his season through regional and sectional athletes.

             Head football coach Corey Olson, who nominated Orozco for the award, said it was Orzoco’s performance both on and off the field which led to the nomination.

            “He’s a three-sport athlete, a member of numerous clubs, and does a lot of service throughout the community,” Olson said.  “He just exemplifies the type of leadership you’re looking for in athletes, and students in general,”

            Orozco said he was surprised and honored to receive the award.

            “It was a big honor,” he said.  “It’s cool to see my hard work doesn’t go un-noticed.”

Students from Palatine High School crowd around Eddie Orozco while congratulating him on being named the Wintrust Athlete of the Week.

            Orozco added that his family has been a large contributor to his success in school and athletics.

            “My family was always there for me,” he added.  “My dad and mom have sacrificed so much to make sure we had what we need.  If they can work that hard, there is no reason I couldn’t.”

            With graduation approaching for Orozco, he said he plans to go to college.  Though he has received multiple letters, he has not made a definitive choice on where he will attend

D211 Post: All Girl Business Team Pitches Concept to Area Women Business Leaders

Gianna Valero (right), a senior at Palatine High School, discusses her group’s business model during a presentation to the Palatine WIBAF (Women in Business Advisory Forum) during the organization’s monthly meeting at Palatine High School.

            Three Palatine High School Business Incubator students, Phoebe Domanus, Gianna Valero, and Anushri Gupta, presented their business design for Nail Bubs, protective covers for freshly painted nails, to the Palatine Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Advisory Forum (WIBAF) during the organization’s monthly meeting held at Palatine High School, Feb. 13.

            Business teacher Adrienne Stewart said having the programs only all-female team present to the forum was part of a plan to show students what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur.

            “This was part of an initiative that is reaching out to woman business leaders to expose our female students to what it’s like in a male-dominated field,” she said.  “We’re so thankful the Palatine Chamber allowed us to host this event.”

Bridget Witt, a member of the Palatine Women in Business Advisory Forum (WIBAF), offers feedback to a group of Palatine High School Business Incubator students.

            Katie Forsythe, a chairperson with WIBF said she enjoyed hearing the students’ pitch.

            “It was awesome to see and hear their pitch,” she said.  “It was great that the students could get feedback from this dynamic group of women.”

            For all three students, presenting to a room full of women was a welcome change. 

Phoebe Domanus, a junior enrolled in Palatine High School’s Business Incubator program, discusses her team’s business model to the Palatine Women in Business Advisory Forum Feb. 13.

            “It was a good experience because we are not used to dealing with women in business at all,” said Gupta.  “We’ve dealt only with men, whether that was in class, or as mentors.”

            Valero stated that she hopes events such as this will encourage more girls to enroll in the Business Incubator program.

            “There is definitely a disproportionate amount of men over women in our class,” she said.

            Domanus added that presenting their pitch to women was better received.

            “This was very beneficial,” she said.  “It was better than the previous investor board which was all male, because women understand our product better.”

Anushri Gupta, a senior enrolled in in Palatine High School’s Business Incubator program, discusses market research conducted on their “Nail Bubs,” project.

D211 Post: PTV: Student Run Network Provides School’s News

Senior Niki Wagner applies make-up to Danny Hollander prior to filming an episode of PTV at Palatine High School.

            In a brightly lit green room adjoining the Palatine High School media center, Danny Hollander and Kyla Mathews are dusted with a light amount of make-up by Niki Wagner while Bridget Maire adjusts a camera and teleprompter.  The four seniors are part of the crew for PTV, the school’s student run television station.

            PTV began in 2013 after Palatine High School added a 12-minute homeroom to the school day.  According to teacher Erin Luzadder, the intention was to increase communication and connections throughout the school.

            “This included a twice-a-week presentation of PTV for general announcements,” Luxadder said.

Junior Miguel Barrios reviews footage with senior Campbell Boston following a filming of PTV.

            The first episodes were recorded using Touchcast and consisted entirely of student volunteers.  By the second year, PTV was established as a course with dedicated teachers and resources.  The program evolved to include features and a monthly address by principal Gary Steiger. 

            Jessica Aulisio took over as the teacher for PTV, which is currently an elective art course, last year.    She said her intent is to develop a full broadcast course which would help students with an interest in the career field. 

            Aulisio said she enjoys seeing how much ownership of the show the students take.

            “I am just the person who oversees the daily operations and give them the tools they need,” she said.  “It’s been a really great experience for me to see the students so engaged and working so hard to improve.”

            Most of the students currently enrolled in course A200, the course which covers PTV, are seniors, but Aulisio said that hasn’t stopped them from working to improve the production into the future. 

            “The students give suggestions on how to improve the program even if they won’t see it grown with them,” she said. 

            For Maire, who is in her second year with PTV, it was the uniqueness of the course that drew her attention.

Students in course A200, which produces PTV, work to adjust a teleprompter prior to filming an episdode.

            “I love the experience,” she said.  “It’s really something that not many schools can provide.  I love learning things that you can’t in any other class.”

            Campbell Boston, a senior who typically anchors the school’s sports report, agrees with Maire.

            “I enjoy how you can get a real-world experience that you can’t get in a math or science class,” he said. 

            Aulisio said she and fellow staff members will present a proposal which will add broadcast courses to the remaining district schools.  Students at Palatine who wish to be involved in PTV should register for A200 or talk to their academic counselors.

            Previous episodes of PTV can be found on their Youtube channel PHS PTV.   To see the difference in the studio and the episode, watch this brief video below.