D211 Post: Schaumburg High School Raises Funds for Damaged Texas School


Mrs. Michele Napier, the chair of the student services department at Schaumburg High School, displays a check for $2,000 which the students raised during their homecoming week to donate to Cimarron Elementary School in Katy, Texas.

            Students at Schaumburg High School celebrated homecoming week by creating a variety fund raisers which raised $2,000 which was sent to Cimarron Elementary School in Katy, Texas. 

            Cimarron Elementary was chosen due to its unique tie to a member of the Schaumburg faculty.  Mr. Scott Byrne, a math teacher at Schaumburg, has a daughter who teaches 3rd grade teacher in Katy. Byrne said Hurricane Harvey did extensive damage to the homes of a lot of his daughter’s students.

            “I’m so proud of what Schaumburg students and staff have been able to do for these victims,” said Byrne.

            One of the biggest highlights of the fundraising was an obstacle course which was set up on the football field.  The course, run by Elk Grove Village based Battle Tested, allowed students to compete against each other.  Blake Williams, owner of Battle Tested donated his equipment and time to help the students raise money for Texas.

Students and teachers from Schaumburg High School participate in an obstacle course as part of the school’s homecoming fundraising activities. Over the course of the week, the students raised $2,000 which was donated to an elementary school in Katy, Texas.

             Williams said he felt a need to help in some way.

            “I have a heart for what people are going through down south,” Williams said.  “I thought, well if I can play some small part here, even though I am thousands of miles away, I want to do that.”

            Students throughout Schaumburg High School were grateful for the opportunity to help those devastated by the storms.

            “We care a lot about what’s going on around the world,” said one student.  “We’re trying to do our best to help out.”

            The total amount raised was announced to the students during the homecoming pep-rally Friday afternoon.


High School District 211 announces that 31 students have been named semifinalists in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Competition.

Semifinalists are selected based on scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (P.S.A.T./N.M.S.Q.T.).

William Fremd High School students Abhinav R. Balu, Kevin Chen, Varun Cidambi, Bissmun Gill, Matthew C. Grabianski, Kailey G. Henson, Stephanie X. Hu, Jesse Huang, Kashif Javid, Edward W. Li, Anna J. Miller, Allison M. Nakazawa, Adhith Palla, Nicholas L. Parekh, Elizabeth D. Perez, Andrew L. Ruan, Lauren P. Streitmatter, and Jerry Zheng have been named semifinalists.

Anubhav Agarwal, Adithya S. Chari, Annika K. Lafyatis, Bianca Saputra, Nitinshankar Subramanian, Sarah R. Yamaguchi, and Allison L. Zhang from James B. Conant High School have been named semifinalists.

The semifinalists from Hoffman Estates High School are Ryohei Namiki, Megha Ramanathan, and Shashank Sandu.

Schaumburg High School’s semifinalists are Lisa N. Bonatz and Edwin J. Suresh.

Bhargav Yadavalli is the semifinalist from Palatine High School.

For more information, see the release from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

D211 Post: District 211 Joins Sprint’s 1Million Project


Joanna Avalos, a senior at Palatine High School, completes a survey before receiving a wireless hotspot from Sprint as part of the 1 Million Project. Township High School District 211 paired with Sprint in the project which provides free wireless internet to high school students.


            Students within Township High School District 211 will have easier access to the internet to complete web-based homework after the District partnered with Sprint in its 1Million Project. The project provides qualifying students a free wireless hotspot from the Sprint Foundation, with an unlimited data package from Sprint, enabling them access they might not otherwise have.

            “This generous program will be a game-changer for our students,” said Dr. Daniel Cates, District 211 superintendent. “Since we began the one-to-one program, we have been mindful of students who did not have regular, reliable internet access.”

            For some students, it will reduce the number of hours they have to remain after school to work on assignments.

            “I will usually stay here until 6:00 p.m.,” said Priyanshu Bahadur, a sophomore at Palatine High School. “If I cannot stay, then I have to come in early the next day to finish.”

            With this device, Priyanshu said he would be able to spend more non-school hours at home with family.


Rusty Cumings, the assistant principal at Shaumburg High School, discusses the wireless hotspot from Sprint to a student.

            For a student at Schaumburg High School it was time away from school that caused trouble in his ability to do homework. He said when his family is on the road, he cannot access the internet to complete larger assignments. With this device, he will be able to stay on top of his assignments.

            For Palatine High school senior Honoer Okhave this will improve more than just his academic performance.

            “I didn’t have internet at home, so I just wouldn’t do my homework,” said Honoer. “I used to get in trouble a lot.”

            Honoer said he was excited when he saw the letter announcing the new program.

            “I used to wish the school could find a way to get us Internet outside of here,” he said. “This is like a dream come true.”

            Sprint plans to distribute 1million devices to qualifying students during the five-year project. District 211 is one of the first school districts in Chicagoland to participate.

Joanna Avalos, Priyanshu Bahadur, and Honoer Okhavhe, students at Palatine High School, learn how to use their new wireless hotspot.

            “We are both grateful and excited for our students who will benefit because they now have convenient and reliable access to the same universe of information that others have,” said Dr. Cates.           

            The District has distributed 225 devices to students. Each device has built-in content filters, similar to filters that are in-place in school networks. Part of the agreement between Sprint and participating schools is that Sprint will handle all technical issues and trouble shooting with the devices.

            Students who receive a Sprint device will have access to the service for the duration of their high school career.

            Dr. Cates believes this will have a positive impact on students well beyond this school year.

            “Once we can draw upon the impact for our first group of students, we hope that no student in the future has to be limited by a lack of internet access,” he said.


Mr. Mike Alther, an assistant principal at Palatine High School, explains how to use one of the Sprint wireless hotspots.

PHOTOS: SHS Construction Updates

Renovations are underway at Schaumburg High School. The major updates include renovations in the school’s kitchen and cafeteria. Bathrooms and locker rooms are also being renovated. The project is slated for completion by the start of the 2017 – 2018 school year. View progress photos below. 

Kitchen renovations

New bathrooms

The floor is prepared for concrete.

New bathrooms


Construction progress

PHS, CHS Students Win Big at District 211 Business Incubator Pitch Night

Students in High School District 211’s Business Incubator program spent the school year developing business ideas to try to bring them to life with the help of investors.

Six of the best teams from each school’s Business Incubator course were selected to compete at the District Pitch Night for real funding this past May. After planning and preparation, each team presented their business idea to a panel of judges in hopes of being awarded $20,000 in seed money from the District 211 Foundation.

Two teams won this year’s seed money: Green Dirt from Conant High School and Snow and Co. from Palatine High School. Green Dirt also was recently invited to compete at the INCubatoredu National Pitch Competition that will take place at the Loyola Corby Law Center in Chicago this July.

Students enrolled in the Business Incubator class learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, as well as how to be successful in creating their own product or service. The course covers topics about marketing, human resources, accounting, and the legal aspects of operating a business. When preparing for pitches, students worked not only with their classroom teacher, but also had support from community content experts and mentors. For the teams that did not receive funding, investors encouraged them all to continue pursuing their ideas.

The following teams participated at the District 211 pitch night event:


WINNER: Green Dirt – Conant High School 

Students: Akash Moozhayil, Kunal Mahajan, Stoil Ionov, Rohan Antony, Patryk Barszczuk

Mentor: David Wolff of Wolff’s Fleamarket          

Company overview: GreenDirt is a startup company that addresses the major problem of food waste. We collect scraps from local restaurants, convert to a premium gardening product, vermicompost, which we then sell to local nurseries and garden centers.






WINNER: Snow and Co. – Palatine High School

Students: Alex Brztowski, Katherine Perez, Nemecio Luna, Reil Snow

Mentor: CJ Ritterbusch of Concord Marketing Solutions

Company overview: The Janus Pack is the solution for students who need to charge their electronics while helping students with organizational skills.







Finalist: KickCarrier – Schaumburg High School

Students: Katherine Edeus, Daniel Galovich, Lisette Hurtado, Vincent Kandefer

Mentor: Jon Zaley of Odem Expo

Company overview: KickCarrier is a unique platform where sneakerheads can buy, sell, or trade shoes. If it doesn’t sell, we will buy it!





Finalist: ProjecTapp-Tapp Camp – Conant High School

Students: Eliot Chang, Mitesh Patel, Michael Kim

Mentor: Jim Gallo of Specialty Finishing Group

Company overview: ProjecTapp is a start-up mobile app developer for the private and public sector providing an incubator-type platform that integrates TappCamp, a coding educational and training service. TappCamp educates students in grades 5 – 12 to become app writers and future app developers for ProjecTapp that, in return, adds more innovation and creativity to the mobile app industry.





Finalist: BlissFoot – Fremd High School

Students: Laura Bienek, Aarsh Desai, Hanna Murakami, Luke Schoffstall, Gianfranco Torres

Mentor: Chris Banakis of Acuity Advisory Partners LLC

Company overview: BlissFoot provides competitive long distance runners and other endurance athletes with on-the-go protection against friction, and the resulting irritation, in order to reduce discomfort and enhance performance.





Finalist: InnerMap – Hoffman Estates High School

Students: Chloe Jefferson, Edlawit Zerihun, Errick Delaney

Mentor: Sheila Serafin of RIM Logistics

Company overview: InnerMap will design and create indoor mapping for large public buildings such as malls, airports, and stadiums. The software and app will provide consumers with step by step directions to where they need to go as well as allow retailers in the buildings to push advertising and promotions to potential customers nearby.


Recent Career Internship Fair Connects District 211 Students to Local Companies

Township High School District 211 recently hosted an internship fair for students to meet with representatives from local companies searching for high school interns.

The Career Trek Internship Fair took place at Schaumburg High School on April 12. Approximately 37 companies interested in hiring high school interns attended and many hoped to hire students that day. Students were encouraged to bring resumes and dress professionally to impress company representatives.

“This event was an awesome learning opportunity for our students, both personally and professionally,” said Jan Brottman, career advisor at Fremd High School. “Some of the students walked away with positions for the summer, and the experience of talking to potential hiring professionals was beneficial as they move forward in figuring out their future paths.”

The majority of companies were in the manufacturing field. However, companies in health care, technology, social work, computer programming, asset protection, clothing production, information technology, and more were also in attendance.

Rosa Botello, a representative from Motorola, said she was impressed with not only students’ academic performances, but also how professionally each student presented themselves. She said some students started out shy but quickly lit up as they started to discuss their career aspirations.

“The students were great, extremely prepared to talk to me and their resumes were awesome,” Botello said. “I walked away with 40 resumes from awesome, diverse students.”

Brottman said the internship fair was a great opportunity for students to practice interview skills. She said students that attend events like the internship fair are a step ahead of their peers because of the experience they gain.

Many students in attendance said they were grateful for the opportunity even if they were not interested in a manufacturing internship. Sean Kim, a junior at Fremd High School, said he was able to talk to a couple of large companies that specialize in computer science and hopes to see the program expand.

“When I was looking for internships online within computer science, most of the internships I found were for college students,” Sean said. “This fair really helped me find potential places to intern. I even talked to people from manufacturing companies that offered me a lot of advice about college and the field. It was really cool.”

Emme Gerstenkorn, a senior exchange student at Fremd High School, said while she cannot apply to internships because she is moving back to Germany at the end of the year, the experience was beneficial to students. It provided her with the opportunity to network and possibly get an internship overseas.

“I met with Motorola and they told me about an internship that I cannot take part in because I am moving back to Germany,” Emma said. “She told me they could expand it to Germany so I could apply for the internship when I go back there.”

Brottman said as the event grows in the future, the District plans to expand the number of career pathways represented at the fair. For more information or questions, please contact Jan Brottman at jbrottman@d211.org.

Community Invited to Attend SHS’ Spring Musical ‘Big Fish’

Schaumburg High School is proud to present this year’s spring musical, “Big Fish.”  
The community is invited to attend the musical featuring great acting, amazing costumes, beautiful singing, and a lot of incredible dancing.  Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 20, 21 and 22, at  7 p.m., in the Schaumburg High School auditorium. Prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students or senior citizens.
The story follows Will Bloom who feels that he never knew his father Edward, because all Edward’s stories sounded like tall tales. Since he was young, Will’s been hearing fantastic yarns about a witch, a giant, a mermaid, and how Edward met the love of his life. But when Will marries and is expecting a son of his own, he learns that Edward is terminally ill. In spite of their strained relationship, Will attempts to sort through fact and fiction, and begins to wonder if his father’s stories were more than they seemed after all.
For more information or for ticket reservations, contact Chad Elwell at (224) 653-4404. You can also make reservations via email at celwell@d211.org or SHSBoxOffice@students.d211.org.