A Glance in the Classroom: Schaumburg High School’s AP Art History Course

Students play a review game in AP Art History at SHS.

Students play a review game in AP Art History at SHS.

As students in Schaumburg High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) Art History class prepare for an upcoming midterm, they had the opportunity to take reviewing into their own hands.

Students in the art class were challenged to show what they know by creating various review games to share with their peers to help prepare for an upcoming midterm, one that will mimic the AP exam.

“Having students create and design review activities allows me to see what methods they find most useful for the exam,” said Kimberly Shade, art teacher at Schaumburg High School.

art1Currently, Schaumburg has the only annual AP Art History course, and Shade said each of her students score high, ranging from a 3 to 5. During the exercise, students were given white boards and were asked review questions based on an image. Students had to write the correct answer on the board first in order to score, and competed in groups during the game. Other games consisted of Monopoly and a quiz game that once completed made an image of the time period being discussed in that unit.

Shade said this AP course is not only valuable in learning arts, but also valued by universities and college. The history behind art allows students to get a head start on collegiate studies, even if they aren’t planning on going into art in college.

“The students experience is valuable to universities,” Shade said. “It’s important not only for arts, but also for humanities and becoming a worldly individual.”

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