Community Members Invited to Help Shape District’s Strategic Plan at Upcoming Meetings

D211 of Tomorrow LogoTo help shape High School District 211’s five–year strategic plan, the District is seeking input from the community-at-large.

Residents of Township High School District 211 are invited to share ideas about the future of District 211 schools at upcoming “The 211 of Tomorrow” monthly meetings. The first meeting will address the “State of the District,” and will take place on Feb. 1 and 2 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

These two meetings will be the same in content, but will be held in two locations for convenience. Monday, Feb. 1, will take place at Fremd High School, 1000 S. Quentin Road. Tuesday’s meeting, Feb. 2, will be held at Schaumburg High School, 1100 W. Schaumburg Road.

A facilitating team of community and staff members will gather the information at the monthly meetings. Information from community engagement sessions will be presented to the Board of Education and will serve as guiding information in formulating the District’s five-year strategic plan.

For more information about The 211 of Tomorrow, please visit the website.