D211 Post: Applied Tech Teachers Create STEM Summer Project Site


            During most summers, younger area students would have the ability to attend STEM workshops hosted by District 211 Applied Technology teachers.  Due to the current COVID-19 social distancing requirements, the usual camps were not able to be held.  This did not stop the District from finding a way to work with, and inspire younger students. In late-June, Applied Technology teachers from across the District spear-headed the design of the website https://phardy4.wixsite.com/techactivities.

           Fremd High School Applied Technology Chair Paul Hardy said the website was created as a resource for parents and students.  The site provides the parents with a trusted internet site that they can lead their children to for some safe and fun activities that their children can do while they are social distancing.  The site provides the students with a way to showcase their efforts to the instructors that created the different activities.

         The website contains plans aimed at students aged 12-15 years old and is free to access, though Hardy stated that parents may have to purchase materials for certain projects.  Upon completion of projects, students and parents can fill out a survey which will allow instructors keep in contact with the parents so they can be informed of other opportunities that might arise such as upcoming events that their children can participate in at the high schools.