D211 Post: Conant Student Among Top 30 in Breakthrough Junior Challenge

            James B. Conant High School senior Krisha Jivani is competing in a world-wide competition which sees the winner receive a $250,000 scholarship.  The competition, called the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, has students create a three-minute video covering a math or science topic.

            Jivani, who was one of nearly 11,000 applicants, created a video describing magnetic levitation and superconductors.  She said she chose this topic as it was something she found difficult.

            “Something that was really hard for me in physics was magnetism,” she said.  “Everything online shows everything in straight lines.  I wanted to show how it would be if you were to see it with the circular lines as it actually is.”

            Jivani’s entry has proceeded through multiple levels from peer-to-peer review to committee reviews which picks the top 30 entries.  Those entries face-off in the popular vote challenge where the videos are voted by likes and shares on Breakthrough’s Facebook page.  Jivani’s video was ultimately selected as one of the 30 videos where voting will close on September 20.

            According to Jivani, the top video per region as well as the top overall video will be posted to Breakthrough’s website and will be reviewed by the organization to select the overall winner. The winner will receive a $250,000 scholarship, as well as $50,000 for the applicant’s math or science teacher, and a $100,000 Breakthrough science lab. 

            To vote for Jivani’s video, click the link.  Votes are tabulated by both likes and shares of the video on Breakthrough’s Facebook page.