D211 Post: D211 Internship Students Had a Transformative Summer


Fifty five different companies stepped up to provide 143 students with a variety of career choices to explore this summer through internships.  Most high school students never get this opportunity.  The efforts of these hosts are extremely appreciated.   This program continues the vision of the district to prepare students to be college and career ready for the 21st century.  As one of  the company hosts Robyn Safron from Hydraforce in Lincolnshire says, “You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t do it.”  Greg Ohm from Bingaman Precision said an unexpected positive result of hosting an intern was the effect on his own employees rising up and teaching their craft which made them even better at their job.  It is not a charitable effort, it is a good business decision for building the talent pool of our community. 

One Motorola intern when asked: What was the most valuable part of the internship experience said, “I was able to learn and understand the processes that workers experience when developing projects and apply what I learned into a helpful and cooperative presentation of our group project as well as develop a sharper sense for public speaking.”    A Walgreens intern said, “I truly learned what pharmacists do which taught me more clearly what I wish to do in the future.”

When asked if they would recommend this internship to other students in the future, an Arlington Pediatrics intern said, “  For students who plan to enter the Medical Field, this Internship is very important to understand if they are making the right decision. To become a doctor is a long and difficult road, and the student needs to comprehend if this is right for them or not. As for Arlington Pediatrics Ltd. it is an excellent place to have this exposure. It is a friendly environment. The nurses, doctors, and staff are very welcoming and open to explain their profession to students. Definitely during this Internship I learned a lot. I hope plenty of D211 prospective medical students will have the chance I had this summer to be part of this excellent internship.”

Township High School District 211 would like to partner with businesses in the community to continue helping prepare our students for their future careers.  Do you own, manage, or work at a business/organization that could benefit from a high school intern for the summer?  Just imagine the positive impact on educational outcomes and the talent pool if every Chicago area business, regardless of size, aligned itself with a high school student and provided hands-on, human capital resources and assistance.  Please contact Jan Brottman at , or contact the career advisor at your school if you would be interested in hosting a student next summer.

William Fremd Junior Amborzia Itellari, Dr. Dave Brottman, and James B. Conant Senior Kimi Nijjar pose together after Itellari and Nijjar completed a 3-week internship at Arlington Pediatrics.