D211 Post: District 211 Adds Solar Panels to Energy Efficiency


            For many years, Township High School District 211 has been improving its overall energy efficiency.  The District has transitioned light fixtures from traditional florescent to LED lighting during various renovations, and it has recently begun adding alternative fuel propane buses to the District’s 160-plus vehicle fleet.  Now, the District can add solar power to its green initiative.  On February 28, the District will activate solar panels that have been installed on the roof of the Higgins Education Center.

            In late 2019, the Board of Education approved the purchase of 62 Hanwha 345W solar panels.  The panels are designed to be modular which allows the District to move them to other buildings or move them for maintenance.  The panels were purchased at a cost of approximately $50,000.  Following installation, the District became eligible for nearly $22,900 in solar energy credits and is additionally expected to receive a $5,000 rebate from ComEd.  Through energy cost savings, the panels are expected to deliver a complete return on investment within 10 years.

            Once activated, the Higgins Education Center will draw power from the panels while reducing its overall usage from traditional power sources.  The panels will not store power.