D211 Post: District 211 Students Tour Motorola Solutions as Part of Career Trek Program


Jerry McConnell, operations manager at Motorola Solutions in Schaumburg, describes the companies operations center to District 211 students during a career trek.

            Students from all five District 211 schools toured the Motorola Solutions Schaumburg Campus as part of the district’s career trek program.  During the tour, students learned about the engineering and operational sides of the communications business.

            District 211 schools typically organize approximately 15 career treks with area businesses per semester.  District Internship Coordinator Jan Brottman said the treks, which are designed to cover as many of the district’s career clusters as possible, are a unique opportunity for the students.

            “In a few hours, students can get a glimpse of what careers are first hand from the individuals in those professions,” she said.  “It is a unique opportunity to ask questions, make connections, and help make informed decisions on future college and career choices.”

Hoffman Estates High School sophomore Ray Klest looks over a Motorola radio engineered for firefighters during a career trek to the Motorola Solutions Campus in Schaumburg.

            Schaumburg High School senior Jenna Salmen said she attended the Motorola trek because she was considering applying for an internship with the company.

            “I am looking at going to Kettering University next year,” she said.  “While there I will need a place to work as part of my coop.  This is helping me find a place.”

             Brottman said the trek participation can be anything from an individual school, all of District 211, or the entire Northwest Educational Council for Student Success (NECSS) which includes Districts 214 and 220.

           Students interested in more information about future career treks should speak with their school’s career counselor.  Anyone wanting more information about internships with Motorola or other area companies are encouraged to attend the District 211 Career Expo on April 4 at Palatine High School.