D211 Post: Hoffman Estates HS Seniors Encourage Peers


            When Hoffman Estates High School senior Kelly Adusah saw a short video on the app Tic Toc talking of strength and perseverance, she was inspired to build on that for her fellow HEHS seniors.  The result was a collaborative video that included more than 60 of her classmates telling everyone to be strong.

            Adusah said she and her friends had been feeling sad about the possibility of missing traditional senior events such as prom and graduation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kelly Adusah wanted to spread a message of perseverance to her fellow seniors.

            “A lot of friends were talking about how upset they were to be missing out on everything,” she said.  “I wanted to show them that we are a strong class, and we can get through anything.”

            While Adusah said that part of the script used was from the short video she had seen, she saw the need to add more to demonstrate her generation’s perseverance.  Once the script was completed, she and her friends selected which parts they would record.  Adusah then compiled all of the videos and completed the project.

            She stated that the message of the video is strength.

            “We are all 10 times stronger than we seem to be,” she said.  “Everything is hard right now, but we are so much stronger if we stay positive.”

              View the video below.