D211 Post: Hoffman Estates Students Participate in Leadership Summit

Students at Hoffman Estates Hight School discuss interpersonal interactions with Alyssa Joseph, a trainer with Dale Carnegie Training, during a leadership summit hosted by the organization as part of their Day of Giving.

Students at Hoffman Estates High School participated in a leadership summit given by instructors from Dale Carnegie at the high school Oct. 18.  The summit was hosted by Dale Carnegie after it selected Hoffman Estates to participate in the organization’s worldwide “Day of Giving,” where summits like this are hosted free of charge for schools or non-profit organizations.

            Assistant Principal Brian Harlan told the students, all freshmen and sophomores, attending the summit that they were chosen because they demonstrated leadership skills.

            “Think about students in sixth grade,” he told them.  “When you are seniors, they will be where you are now.  We will look to you to help mentor them.”

            During the three-hour session, students worked on improving interpersonal skills as well as building self-confidence through a variety of activities.

            Sophomore Molly Barnes said she enjoyed building her self-confidence through the activities.

A team of Hoffman Estates students discuss the first half of the leadership summit hosted by Dale Carnegie Training during a break.

“I liked when we learned how to boost our own confidence, because if we can boost our confidence, it’s going to help you have a better impact on other people,” said Barnes.            Fellow sophomore Meghna Dasgupta also enjoyed working on building herself.

            “It really helped me look at myself from a different point of view,” she said.  “I think the one thing I am going to take away from this is we do have an impact on other people.  Bettering ourselves will help other people who will help others.”

Amariye Gardner, a freshman at Hoffman Estates High School, practices introduction skills learned during a leadership summit hosted by Dale Carnegie.

            Diane Kerth, a trainer with Dale Carnegie, said she was happy to speak at a school which concerned itself with helping student succeed. 

            “It was a pleasure having such a staff that welcomed us and looked at this as such an advantage that they can give to their students.,” Kerth said.

            Kerth was happy to know that the students found the activities provided them with a comfortable and open environment to develop themselves.

Marisol Perez, a sophomore at Hoffman Estates High School, shares her goals as part of a leadership summit hosted by Dale Carnegie.