D211 Post: Realtors Against Homelessness Wins $24,000 Grant


Representatives from Baird & Warner Present a check for $24,000 to representatives of Realtors Against Homelessness and Township High School District 211.

            Throughout August, Realtors Against Homelessness (RAH), an organization which works to fight homelessness among students within District 211, was in competition for the Biard & Warner Good Will Network’s Solid Good grant.  The grant awards $24,000 to five regional nonprofit organizations with an emphasis in combating homelessness. 

            After the more than 25,000 votes were counted, RAH was named one of the top five charities.  This qualified them for one of the $24,000 grants.  RAH will use the grant to further their mission to provide financial support and to increase community awareness of the growing number of students facing homelessness in our area.

            “Despite improvements in our economy, there are significant hardships still being experienced by students in our area,” said RAH President Cindy Eich.  “RAH’s funds can provide immediate assistance to students while long term supports are secured.  Our funds are used for shelter, transportation, grocery store gift certificates, clothing, activity fees and admissions to school events so students may participate in school as they might have enjoyed prior to becoming homeless.”