D211 Post: Schaumburg Culinary Students Hold 14th Annual Charity Soup Lunch


Students from Schaumburg High School’s Chemistry of Foods class prepare to serve during the 14th annual charity soup kitchen fundraiser Dec. 8.

The culinary arts department at Schaumburg High School was converted to a festively decorated soup kitchen as students and staff held their 14th annual charity soup lunch Dec. 8.  For a small donation of non-perishable food items participants were treated to a variety of soups and pastries all prepared by SHS students.

            Kerry Frost, a teacher in Schaumburg’s Family and Consumer Science Department said the annual event is a favorite of many people throughout the school.

            “We have people asking when the soup kitchen is as soon as the school year starts,” she said.

            The event is designed to raise food for the school’s Magic Closet and Blessings in a Backpack.  These organizations are designed to provide students in need with food and school supplies.  Frost said the annual event collects the most items for both school charities. 

            According to Frost, there had been discussion of moving the event to a later time, but it was decided to keep the event paired with the holiday theme.

            “Everybody seems to be more charitable this time of year,” she said.

            Junior Sarah Gorman agrees with Frost’s belief.  She volunteered to help because it combined her passion for cooking with her love of giving back.

            “I helped last year and really loved it,” Gorman said.  “It felt like a great way to give back.”

            Gorman said her family has a tradition of giving back whenever they can and this was just another way for her to do just that.

            Though basic planning for the event began in August, Frost said a lot of the work began on Monday.  For the past week, students in the chemistry of foods classes worked to prepare 57 gallons of soup as well as 240 dinner rolls and a variety of baked goods.

Veronica Campbell, a sophomore at Schaumburg High School, serves soup during the 14th annual charity soup kitchen fundraiser Dec. 8.

            Frost said food and monetary donations from the Illinois Farm Bureau and Get Fresh Produce contributed greatly reduce the cost to host the event.

            Throughout the day, students served more than 200 guests which included staff and alumni of Schaumburg High School

            Mack Baxter, a social studies teacher and self-proclaimed soup connoisseur said he looks forward to this event every year.

            “It’s a lot of fun,” he said.  “I make it an annual thing.”

Mack Baxter, a social studies teacher at Schaumburg High School, and Stephanie Crespo, a media center teacher’s aid at Schaumburg High School sample various soups during the 14th annual charity soup kitchen fundraiser at Schaumburg High School Dec. 8.