D211 Post: Schaumburg Student Interviewed by WGN for Work with Challenger Baseball League


           Matthew Williams, a sophomore at Schaumburg High School, spoke with WGN Radio host John Williams about his work with the Challenger Baseball League today.

            Matthew, who is the co-chair for the league’s annual jamboree, arranged the interview through producer Matt Bubala.

            During the interview, Matthew and John joked about their shared last name, though the two are not related.

            The interview was arranged for Matthew to discuss the upcoming Challenger Baseball League Jamboree, which will be held at Randal Oaks Baseball Park in West Dundee, Sept. 10.

            The Challenger Baseball League was created to allow children with physical and developmental disabilities to learn and play baseball.

            At the end of the interview John offered to turn the let Matthew take over as the host.

            “Why don’t you come do radio talk shows,” John joked with Matthew. “I’ll just go stand and cheer people on.”

            You can listen to the whole interview here: