D211 Post: Schaumburg Student Named State Lead in Masks Now


            When many school districts, including District 211, switched to e-learning and state officials announced stay-at-home orders in March, Schaumburg student Emma Davenport said her family started looking for ways to keep busy.  They ultimately found Masks Now, an organization which pools the resources of volunteers to create and distribute masks across the country. 

            After a little more than a month of volunteering to coordinate communication and distribution, Davenport was asked to take on a new role. 

            “I originally got into the administrative process by making forms for requests and tracking distribution” Davenport said.  “In mid-April, the Masks Now national leadership reached out to me and asked if I was willing to take on the Illinois Lead position.”

            In her new position, Davenport coordinates volunteers across the state who perform a variety of tasks from deconstructing material, to sewers, and distributors.  Additionally, she works to secure material and financial donations and tracks construction and requests. 

            “There are many moving parts to this operation,” she said.  “At any time, I have more than 50 volunteers working on mask projects.  I have people contacting me to make donations.  Currently I have 12 pallets of fabric waiting to be turned into masks.”

            Davenport added that the current weekly production averages anywhere from 800-1,000 masks.  In spite of this, she said she is always looking for additional volunteers and donations.

            “We can always use more sewers and de-constructors as well as delivery drivers to offset shipping costs.” Davenport said.

            For more information on Masks Now-Illinois you can look them up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/masksnowil/ and Twitter @MasksNOWIL.  To make financial donations or to volunteer, email Masks Now Illinois at