D211 Post: Schaumburg’s MC Art Show Expands in 3rd Year


Schaumburg High School Special Education Teacher Assistant Beverly Chrabot aids student Cassidy Keller with demonstrating adaptive art tools during the MC Art Show.

            Schaumburg High School held its 3rd Annual MC Art Show in the school’s cafeteria May 2, 2019.  The event combined a show of the student artwork as well as displaying tools and techniques used by students with a variety of disabilities.

            Art Department chair Gerry James said the move from Seigie’s Corner to the library gave the show its expanded view.

            “Our goal was to have an interactive exhibit this year,” he said.  “One of the things we have always wanted is more interaction between our students and the rest of the school.”

MC Art Student Drew Beck paints with his feet, with the help of Teacher Assistant Jenny Sokolowski.


          Special Education teacher Julie Mojica-Castro agreed that the addition of the adaptive tools was to create interaction.

            “We really wanted to show how our students use the adaptive tools not just show the tools themselves,” she said.  “I think it’s harder for everyone to visualize what our students do in the art class so this brings everything to light and everyone gets the opportunity to experience it.  That says a lot about our program.”

            Throughout the venue, attendees could view student art work, see the various adaptive tools used by the students, participated in adaptive painting using items such as loofas and dried Rahman noodles, and paint on a large canvas using the wheels of a wheel chair.

            Senior Aeden Humphrey was impressed by the variety of tools and art he saw at the show.

“It’s very enjoyable,” he said.  “It shows you that even if you have challenges that by inhibit you from doing certain things, there are still ways for you to express yourself through art.  I think art is very important in our culture.”

Schaumburg High School Senior Aeden Humphrey and Junior Jordan Raeside test goggles which simulate the visual imparement some students in the MC Art classes face.