D211 Students Report Earned Scholarship Opportunities


Scholarship graphicAs another school year comes to an end, most District 211 graduates are gearing up for the next step in their academic careers. Of those students, many have worked hard at earning scholarship opportunities.

“The scholarships that students receive are important,” said Samantha Dolen, assistant superintendent for student services. “That financial relief from tuition, along with the college credits students can earn in high school through advanced placement and dual-credit coursework, represents a real benefit to students and parents.”

Students at District 211 schools were asked to report academic scholarships they earned. These self-reported numbers by students help give the District an idea of how many students are earning scholarships as well as how much financial assistance students earn.  For the 2011-2012 school year, 616 students district-wide reported earning $21,054,587 in collegiate scholarship opportunities.

“The strengths of our students, the high school experiences they are provided in both the classroom and in extracurricular activities, the writing and presentation skills they develop in their courses are criteria that are considered in their college and scholarship applications,” Dolen said. “The fact that students are garnering so much scholarship aid is evidence that we are assisting students appropriately in their college and scholarship search efforts and preparing them to compete with students nationally to win these awards.  Additionally, it is apparent from the merit awards that colleges feel our students are among the best and brightest attending their institutions.”

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