Teachers Earn National Board Certification

National Board Certified Teachers

High School District 211 National Board Certified Teachers for 2011-2012: (front row, left to right) Stephen Kurfess (CHS), Kerri Largo (HEHS), Erika Varela (PHS), Brad Stevens (SHS), and Robert Coakley (HEHS); (2nd row) Casey Nesva (SHS), Pamela Fullerton (PHS), Megan Panico (PHS), and Christopher Bruce (CHS); (3rd row) Dana Batterton (PHS), Kimberleigh Wiley (CHS), Tyrone Jones (HEHS), and Anna Dau (PHS); (back row) Angenette Fudala (FHS), Kristy Loughin-Vance (FHS), Brigid Tileston (FHS), Marilyn Berdick (FHS), and Gina Enk (FHS). Not pictured: Luke Yanule (HEHS).

Nineteen District 211 teachers have earned national certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. This is the highest professional credential in the field of teaching. With the addition of these 19 teachers, High School District 211 now has had 121 teachers earn national certification, fourth most among school districts in Illinois. This year’s recipients are listed alphabetically below. These teachers were recognized by the Board of Education at its January 19, 2012 meeting.

Dana Batterton, Palatine High School
Marilyn Berdick, William Fremd High School
Christopher Bruce, James B. Conant High School
Robert Coakley, Hoffman Estates High School
Anna Dau, Palatine High School
Gina Enk, William Fremd High School
Angenette Fudala, William Fremd High School
Pamela Fullerton, Palatine High School
Tyrone Jones, Hoffman Estates High School
Stephen Kurfess, James B. Conant High School
Kerri Largo, Hoffman Estates High School
Kristy Loughin-Vance, William Fremd High School
Casey Nesva, Schaumburg High School
Megan Panico, Palatine High School
Brad Stevens, Schaumburg High School
Brigid Tileston, William Fremd High School
Erika Varela, Palatine High School
Kimberleigh Wiley, James B. Conant High School
Luke Yanule, Hoffman Estates High School