District 211 Participates in National School Breakfast Week, Stresses Importance of Meal

Fun facts such as these were posted throughout the week at Hoffman Estates High School.

Fun facts such as these were posted throughout the week at Hoffman Estates High School.

Although it’s stressed in schools, not every student has access to eat a nutritious breakfast to start the day. Some students might skip the meal because they don’t realize how important it is. During National School Breakfast Week, schools help encourage and educate students on why they should partake in what is considered the most important meal of the day.

District 211 is participating in National School Breakfast Week outlined by the School Nutrition Association. The week, which started on March 4 and continues through March 8, is to promote the importance of breakfast to students and how it’s beneficial not to skip.

“Regardless of where breakfast is consumed, it is truly one of the best ways to start the day,” said Lauren Hummel, director of food service in District 211. “Studies have consistently shown that breakfast not only improves classroom performance, test scores, and grades, but also decreases issues related to behavior and absenteeism.  Breakfast helps our bodies regulate our metabolism and blood sugar, as well.”

National School Breakfast WeekNational School Breakfast Week was established in 1989 in coordination with the School Nutrition Association.  It provides schools with the opportunity to highlight and promote the importance of school breakfast. The theme this year is “Be a Star with School Breakfast” and showcases how role models such as musicians, actors, and athletes need a healthy start every day to be successful. Even celebrities need to start their day with a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Fremd, Conant, and Hoffman Estates High Schools had their own campaigns to promote eating breakfast. Fremd High School is doing a breakfast with the principal on March 8. Conant High School is conducting a breakfast trivia game throughout the week with raffle prizes. Hoffman Estates High School is offering free fruit with each breakfast and has posted breakfast trivia throughout the cafeteria.

National School Breakfast WeekHummel said District 211 breakfasts are designed to meet guidelines for fat, calories, saturated fat, and other vitamins and minerals.  Students are offered a variety of hot and cold options that feature whole grains and various sources of protein in addition to milk and fruit or 100 percent fruit juice.

“District 211 breakfast participation has increased by over 40 percent in the last two years alone,” she said. “Breakfasts may include egg and cheese on a whole grain bagel, low-fat yogurt with a whole grain cereal bar, homemade breakfast burritos and homemade whole grain French toast. However, the all-time student favorite is the chicken on a biscuit sandwich.”

For more information on National School Breakfast Week, please visit the School Nutrition Association’s website.