D211 Receives 2nd Award for Transparency


Sunny Awards sealTownship High School District 211 was recognized with a “Sunny Award” from the Sunshine Review on March 8, 2012.  The award honors the most transparent government web sites in the country, and District 211 was one of 19 honorees in Illinois, which included 7 school districts.  This is the second consecutive year that District 211 has been honored with the award.

“The Sunny Awards recognizes governments that are doing an exemplary job at proactively disclosing information to taxpayers,” said Michael Barnhart, president of Sunshine Review in an online posting. “There are so many organizations and associations that highlight what is wrong with government. We at Sunshine Review are proud to acknowledge those who are doing it right and setting a transparency standard that all governments can, and should, meet.”

The Sunshine Review analyzed more that 6,000 government web sites, grading each on a 10-point checklist for transparency.  Editors looked for content that included budgets, meeting, lobbying information, financial audits, contracts, academic performance, public records, and taxes, with those agencies receiving a grade of “A” being recognized with a “Sunny Award.”  District 211’s web site received a grade of “A+.”

The Sunshine Review, started in 2008, is a nonprofit organization promoting state and local government transparency.

Additional information on 2012 Sunny Awards is available here.