District 211 Schools Celebrate Veterans Day by Honoring Local Veterans


????????????This year, District 211 took a different approach to recognize a federal holiday that students usually have off of school. Each District 211 school honored and recognized Veterans Day in their unique ways. Celebrations ranged from assemblies, to musical performances, student speakers, hallway decorations and giving thanks to local veterans.

While the goal of each celebration was to give thanks to veterans both in attendance and those who were unable to come, another main purpose was to teach District 211 students the history and meaning behind the holiday.

At Palatine High School, students in Social Studies Club were involved in arranging for students to acknowledge veterans they know, either family or friends, by putting their name and branch of service on a white star.  The stars were collected and displayed in the main hallway to honor veterans.  Yellow ribbons were placed in visible areas of the school. On Veterans Day, Social Studies Club, along with the PHS Choir, honored veterans with information about Veterans Day History, history of the different branches, a medley of military songs, the honoring of veteran staff members, singing of WWI and WWII era songs directed by Steve Sivak, and also a video presentation.

At Schaumburg High School, the Social Studies Department joined forces with the Student Services Department to provide students an opportunity to participate in a military fair. At the fair, the Social Studies Department provided a table for students to write thank you letters to troops overseas. The department had veterans as guest speakers. Veterans who are staff members were recognized for their service.  Teachers put together teaching resources on the US military for classes. Also, signs were posted throughout the building about the different branches of the military.

At Hoffman Estates High School, staff that served in the military wore their uniforms, and an assembly was held to honor local veterans, which were in attendance. Students learned about the meaning behind Veterans Day and had the opportunity to give thanks to those who have served.

At Fremd High School, there were guest speakers as well as military veterans in attendance. There were two panels where veterans answered questions from students during their Social Studies classes, as well as an assembly for everyone at the end of the day. In addition to the assembly, for a week Fremd High School raised $3,706 for the organization The Soldier’s Project, which provides veterans and their families with free counseling services to anyone who has served Post 9/11.

At Conant High School, a Veterans Day Tribute breakfast and assembly was hosted for students, staff, local veterans and their families. Students were taught information about Veterans Day and local veterans were invited to attend. The Wind Symphony played an arrangement of military songs, and the Hoffman Estates Police Department Honor Guard presented the flag.

See the images below to check out what each school did for Veterans Day.


Hoffman Estates High School Veterans Day assembly.


Hoffman Estates High School Veterans Day Assembly.


Fremd High School Principal Kurt Tenopir presents a check for $3,706.02 to a representative from The Soldier’s Project, an organization that offers counseling to veterans and their families. FHS students and staff raised money for the organization in one week.


FHS student John Barrett reads an essay he wrote about his experience meeting veterans, as well as informing his peers about the importance of taking care of veterans after they come home from duty.

photo 3

Military fair at Schaumburg High School.

photo 3

During Veterans Day at Schaumburg High School, students learned about different branches of the military.

photo 2

Students could interact with individuals from different branches of the military at Schaumburg High School.


Decorations at Conant High School.

photo 4

Students at Schaumburg High School could write letters to veterans.


Stars honoring veterans at Palatine High School.


Fremd High School’s hallway display to honor veterans greeted veterans when they walked into the building.


Conant High School’s Veterans Day assembly.



Local veterans were honored at Fremd High School during an assembly.


A display at Palatine High School honored veterans.

photo 1

Schaumburg High School student Daniel Barbas tries on an army helmet during the military fair.




During the Veterans Day assembly at Conant High School, the school reflected on their own who have served in the military.