Early College Credit in Schools


As emphasis on the importance of post-secondary education continues to increase, more high cheap mlb jerseys school institutions are feeling the pressure to see graduates succeed. That’s why District 211 is expanding its dual credit courses for students to prepare for higher education and the workforce.

The dual-credit courses are in partnership with William Rainey Harper College, and allow District 211 students to enroll in both academic and technical courses for high school and college credit. The courses were approved Levie at a March 15 Board Meeting.

Dual Credit Course“There has been a shift in the way dual credit existed from vocational career paths that were so specialized that students had to take them at Harper—fire science, public safety, cosmetology,” said Terri Busch, District Dead 211 assistant superintendent for Instruction. “Over the last year and a half, we’ve added content area courses that students can take in our schools to help make the passage into college easier.”

Dual-credit courses offer students a seamless transition into college using ideals of curricular pathways. These ideals, also known as P20 Education system, cater a learning experience for students starting from pre-kindergarten through college based SHS on specific interests or careers. Additionally, enrolled students earn credit from both institutions while preparing for the future.

Busch said students enrolled in dual-credit courses have a wholesale NFL jerseys higher chance of completing high school and enrolling in college. Furthermore, when students earn credit at right the collegiate level, they are lowering tuition costs per credit hour by minimizing the time spent earning a degree.

“If a senior student takes a dual-credit course, then graduates and has to work or something prevents them from starting college, those credits will always be there when they are ready,” Busch said. “They won’t need to start at the developmental level [in college]. They can take the next step, or course.”

Currently, 250 students are enrolled in dual-credit courses at Harper and 500 in The District.
The process for expanding the program involved getting teachers from both institutions together to plan and align the courses and curriculum. Classes taught in the high school need to meet Harper’s requirements as far as instructor experience and course material. Additionally, Calculus III is currently in place with the University of Illinois, wholesale MLB jerseys and next fall Entrepreneurship will be in partnership with Northern Illinois University.

Busch said the classes are very similar between the two institutions, which helps serves the District’s main goal—building a transitional foundation for students entering college.

“What we want Hon is for our high school wholesale jerseys students to get into a class cheap NBA jerseys for college credit or beyond,” Busch said. “We do not want them in developmental classes, ever.”

For more information, view the complete report outlining early college credit courses here.