Four District 211 Schools Host Breakfast with the Principal


To stress the importance of eating a well-balanced breakfast, four District 211 schools participated in an event that offers a free meal to students.

Hoffman Estates, Conant, Palatine, and Schaumburg High Schools hosted Breakfast with the Principal, an event where students receive a free, nutritious breakfast to familiarize students with the school’s morning offerings, as well as provide them with a balanced start to their day. Fremd High School hosts a Breakfast with the Principal in the spring during National School Breakfast Week.

Mary O’Connor, director of Food Service at District 211, said that on an average day roughly 100 to 400 breakfasts are served depending on the school. During Breakfast with the Principal, each school servers roughly 500 free breakfasts in one day. While each school does the event in its own way, generally the principal and administrators work on the serving lines to connect with their students.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides our students with nutrients and energy,” O’Connor said. “Research has shown that breakfast leads to increased concentration in the classroom, as well as performing better on tests.”

National School Breakfast Week will take place March 7 through March 11 in 2016.


Palatine High School students participate in Breakfast with the Principal.


Palatine High School Principal Gary Steiger mingles with students during Breakfast with the Principal.


Hoffman Estates High School Principal Jim Britton serves breakfast to students during the annual Breakfast with the Principal event.


Students at Hoffman Estates High School participate in Breakfast with the Principal.


Administrators and Conant High School Principal Julie Nowak (center) serve breakfast to students for Breakfast with the Principal.


Administrators serve breakfast to students at Conant High School.


Schaumburg High School students receive free breakfast during the annual Breakfast with the Principal event.


Students at Schaumburg High School receive a well-balanced breakfast during Breakfast with the Principal.