D211 Post: Hoffman Estates HS Seniors Enjoy Skating Event


            With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a lot of activities commonly enjoyed by seniors to be cancelled, schools are working to provide safe, enjoyable experiences for the class of 2021.  Hoffman Estates High School provided one such activity when they offered a Senior Skate Night at the Scott R. Triphahn Community Center in Hoffman Estates February 21.

            During the night, seniors could sign up to take part in a one-hour block where they could skate with several of their classmates.  For many, it provided an opportunity to interact with friends again.

“I’m already seeing people safely in person that I haven’t seen in months,” said senior Sarah Hazenfield. “I think it’s nice that the school is putting an effort to put things together for us.  I am hoping to see more things like this.”

Fellow senior Nick Aleksiev shared Hazenfield’s opinion.

“I love going to Hoffman,” he said.  “I am grateful that they have given us the opportunity to do something safe and fun during this unfortunate senior year.”

Abby Frank said having events like this can be helpful in dealing with stressful times.

“I was very excited when I got the email for this event,” she said.  “A lot of us have been sad about the events we have missed out on.  It may not be the same, but sometimes different can be better.”

Hazenfield said that after the pandemic is over, she would like to see this event become a tradition.

“I think this could still be really fun,” she said.  “It could almost be better than prom.”