North Cook Intermediate Service Center (NCISC) Compliance Review Results


The Illinois State Board of Education authorizes the North Cook Intermediate Service Center (NCISC) to conduct compliance reviews of school districts located within their boundaries every four years.  

The NCISC compliance team spent three days in February 2017 conducting a comprehensive visit throughout District 211 to inspect facilities, examine records, review policies, visit programs, examine credentials, review curriculum, and consider district data to determine the District’s recognition status. The NCISC compliance team found no areas of non-compliance and no areas of concern.

“The compliance team visits schools across the state and they remarked very favorably about the wonderful things they saw happening in our District for students,” said Dan Cates, District 211 superintendent of schools, at a recent Board of Education meeting. “Without the hard work of our teachers, administrators, and support from the Board of Education, we would not be able to offer so many positive opportunities for our students.”

District 211 received commendations in many areas, including the Adult Transition Program, dual credit opportunities, the Power of 15 college credits initiative, the District’s one-to-one program, the replacement of the mainframe with updated technology and software systems and the various student career pathways now at the center of the District’s academic programming.

The complete evaluation and the summary report is available here.