Palatine High School Coach Publishes Book About Team

Book cover

Christopher Quick’s first full-length novel about the Palatine High School boys’ cross country team reaching their goals.

In an effort to document the challenges, hard work, and dedication of the Palatine High School boys’ cross country team on its pursuit of a state title, PHS English Teacher and Coach Christopher Quick wanted to tell their story.  Last fall, the boys cross country team at Palatine High School won its first state title, and Quick published a book entitled One Way, Uphill Only telling the story of how the team reached its goals.

The book focuses on the stories of five senior team members — Tim Johnston, Tim Meincke, Marcus Garcia, Peter Tomkiewicz, and Anthony Gregorio — as they worked throughout the season preparing for the state championship. Quick said he originally intended to follow those seniors during their ups and downs and write a book for a graduation present. After the story turned out to be bigger than expected, he published his first full-length novel to share with a broader audience.

“When I walk by those state championship trophies in the hallway each day, I know that my dreams as a coach are possible,” Quick said. “When I see inspiring young writers in my AP English Language class, I know that my dreams as a writer are possible … I relish in what this school can accomplish at its best.”

Quick said the efforts of both students and himself as an author couldn’t have been possible without the greater Palatine community. In fact, he calls it a Palatine High School story more than a cross country story because the school culture is a vehicle of empowerment.

“I never thought I’d be a state champion coach or a published author. My five guys never knew they would all earn college scholarships,” Quick said. “It happened because all things are possible here.”

The book is available on or the website.