“Power of 15” Highlights Benefits of AP, Dual-Credit Courses


Students spend four years in high school planning and preparing for their college experience. Research indicates that students who engage in college-level coursework while still in the supportive high school environment have an increased likelihood of being successful in college and graduating from college in four years. High School District 211 students can enroll in rigorous, college-level coursework through both Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses.

The Northwest Educational Council for Student Success (NECSS) partnership of Districts 211, 214, 220, and Harper College offers high school students a variety of Dual Credit and Advanced Placement courses to encourage all students to earn the equivalent of 15 college credit hours – typically the equivalent of five college classes – prior to high school graduation.

Both Advanced Placement and Dual Credit coursework offers the opportunity for high school students to earn college credit prior to high school graduation. The financial incentive for students and their families, combined with the confidence a student gains from engaging in rigorous coursework prior to entering college, makes for a winning combination.

(Originally published in the Instructional Vision edition of the Superintendent’s Newsletter, January 2015)